My School-Aged Child Needs Support

For children grade 1 to grade 12 sometimes there is need for OT, PT, SLP services.  If you have concerns in any of these areas please speak with your child’s school team.  With your consent, the Principal can start a referral to Pathways School Based Rehabilitation Services Program.

In addition to School Based Rehabilitation Services, Pathways offers a variety of other defined services for school aged children as outlined in the Service Guide for Clients 6 years of age and over found here.

Information on additional Community Supports for Mental Health, Funding, Grief, Suicide and Respite Services can be found here

Information on Family and Behaviour Supports in Lambton County can be found here

Information on services for clients under 6 years of age, please use our Request for Service form found here.

Last updated Wednesday, July 28, 2021 - 13:25