The History of Pathways Health Centre for Children

Pathways Health Centre for Children has been a crucial part of development for countless children in Sarnia-Lambton since it first opened its doors in 1975.  Many people were a driving force in bringing the Centre to the area. Now over 40 years after its first day, the Centre has undergone a 12,952 square foot expansion and renovation to fulfill the growing needs of the community. 

The Pathways Post

A special publication commemorating our 40 years of serving the community. Revisit some of the milestones of our journey.



Need for Treatment Centre in Sarnia-Lambton recognized by members of the Rotary Club of Sarnia, parents of children with physical disabilities and local health officials


Treatment began for the first 18 children


Service provided in a variety of locations with limited government funding support and significant financial commitment from the Rotary Club of Sarnia


Centre incorporated as the Sarnia & District Crippled Children's Treatment Centre following many years of dedicated work, financial commitment and support by the Rotary Club of Sarnia


Official opening of building at present location on land leased to the Centre for $1 per year by the Rotary Club of Sarnia


Established Adaptive Equipment Workshop, with funding from the Rotary Club of Sarnia and the community


Changed name to Sarnia & District Children's Treatment Centre


North expansion of the Centre with funding provided by the Rotary Club of Sarnia to complement support from Centre's Capital Fund (Audiology, Speech and Clinical Records)

South expansion with funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services (Developmental Classroom)


Opening of Therapeutic Pool, with funding from the Rotary Club of Sarnia to complement Ministry of Health (MOH), Easter Seal Society and community contributions


Expanded services to include Respite Care Program and Augmentative Communication Services


Expanded services to include Special Services at Home Program


Augmentative Communication Service designated as a General Level Clinic by the MOH Assistive Devices Branch

Closure of our Lambton County Board of Education classroom due to the integration of special needs children into the school environment


Expansion of building to accommodate growth in Speech-Language Pathology, Augmentative Communication and Audiology Services, with funding from the Rotary Club of Sarnia to complement support from Centre's Capital Fund


Establishment of the Family Resource Centre through a $17,000 grant from Ronald McDonald Children's Charities


Designated as lead agency for local Preschool Speech and Language Initiative, with additional funding from the Public Health Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC)to enhance service

The Sarnia-Lambton Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) provided additional funding for speech language and occupational therapy services for preschool age children


Launch of SoundStart, the Lambton County Preschool Speech and Language Initiative


Upgrade to the playground made to meet CSA standards through a grant from the County of Lambton


Augmentative Communication Service received Expanded Level designation by the MOHLTC Assistive Devices Program

Supplementary Letters Patent received changing the name of the Centre to Pathways Health Centre for Children


Pathways Health Centre for Children, as a Children's Treatment Centre, moved under the new  Ministry of Children and Youth Services


Opening of C.A.C.H.É. (Care Assisting Children's Health and Education) Child Care Launch of ECE Resource Support services for Lambton County


Launch of First Nations Resource Support Services

C.A.C.H.É. renovated to provide day care for toddlers (from 18 months)


The School Health Support Contract with the CCAC was discontinued. Sarnia-Lambton families began a public campaign and petitioned the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to transfer funding for the program to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services for delivery of service through Children’s Treatment Centres. OACRS and the CTCs lobbied both Ministries for a speedy resolution.


Pathways is no longer a Group K Hospital under the Public Hospitals Act


Pathways is under construction!  The Centre is renovated and expanded



The Original Sign
The building in 1975
The 1986 groundbreaking of the Therapeutic Pool
The Building before the 2010-2011 Renovation and Expansion
2010 Groundbreaking of Renovation and Expansion
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