Planned Giving

Your legacy gift to Pathways Health Centre for Children. You can make a lasting gift, through legacy giving, to ensure that Pathways children will live their dream long into the future.

What is Legacy Giving?
Legacy giving is a way of perpetuating your support for programs you believe in, so that your gift may be arranged now but received by Pathways in the future.

Why Make a Legacy Gift?
Establishing your legacy gift with Pathways Health Centre for Children will do lasting good in your community, while optimizing tax and other financial benefits. Your thoughtful preparation today will bring hope, strength and joy to Pathways children tomorrow.

Who Can Give?
Anyone can make a legacy gift. Almost everyone has something they want to pass on to their loved ones, and after that, many people find that they have something left over to leave as a legacy of caring and involvement in their community.

How to Create a Pathways Legacy?
There are a number of ways of creating a legacy gift. Why not discuss your plans with your family and then consult a professional such as your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor? Professional advice will help you choose the option that makes the most sense for you. We invite you to contact Pathways at any stage of the process to discuss your wishes.

Bequest in a Will
One of the most popular choices is to make a gift of cash or property by including Pathways Health Centre for Children as a beneficiary when you write your Will, or by adding an appendix to your Will. This is the most simple form of gift giving and may significantly reduce your estate taxes.

Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance allows you to make a large gift in the future by paying relatively small premiums now. You can name Pathways Health Centre for Children as the owner or beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. This gift will also entitle you to tax advantages.

Gift of Securities
By donating securities directly to Pathways Health Centre for Children, your payment for capital gains will be significantly less than if you had kept the proceeds for yourself. A donation receipt is issued for the full market value of the security at the date of the transfer.

Become a Monthly Donor
Become part of a very special group. Giving monthly is one of the strongest statements of commitment you can make and enables your donation to go even further. Monthly support is so important to Pathways because we can count on your gift and plan ahead.
It is a cost-effective, reliable and consistent source of funding for Pathways Health Centre for Children. A gift of $10, $20 or $30 (just $1 a day) will make a difference, and ensure that every Pathways child will reach their potential.


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