What's Next?

In the Beginning

We begin with an interview in person or by telephone to collect important information about your child and your concerns.  An assessment for your child is then scheduled. 


Please check-in at reception when you arrive at Pathways for your appointment.  Your child's clinician is notified that you are ready to start!

If your appointment is not at Pathways, your child's clincian will make arrangements for a meeting place.

The Assessment

An assessment of your child's abilities is completed by one or more clinicians.  As you have important information about your child, you remain with your child during the assessment.  After the assessment, you and your child's clinician(s) discuss what happened and decide on a plan.  Later, you receive a report that includes your child's goals and service plan.

Working Together

You have a big impact on your child's development. Parents can support their child best when they participate and parnter in the service plan. Pathways staff may work with other specialists and organizations to help your child.  Your consent is needed before any assessment or service.

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