Words Commonly Heard at the Centre

A glossary of words commonly heard at the Centre


Brief look at your child's abilities. An assessment may be recommended following a screen.


Evaluation of your child's abilities.


Supports and programs available for clients and their families.


Your child is "admitted" to Pathways when an assessment has shown that your child may benefit from our services.


"Aim" or desired result for your child.

Service Plan

Plan outlining goals for the child, expected time frames, and clinician and caregiver supports.


Steps taken to help your child meet goals.


A clinician may place your child on a "recheck" status as part of the service plan. This means the clincian will schedule periodic appointments to monitor your child's development and progress towards goals.


Written summary of your child's assessment results or progress in intervention.

Transition to School

Working together with the school, other partners in the community, and your family to prepare your child for school.


When the child is taken off of a service. Discharge can happen for many different reasons.


Staff member with specialized training.


Permission from the client/legal guardian. Consent will be obtained before: information is shared with any person or organization outside of Pathways, any screening, assessment, or service.

File or Chart

The record of your child's involvement with Pathways. The File or Chart contains information about your child, including: Pathways reports, reports from outside agencies and community partners, and information about contacts with your child/family and other service providers.

Assistive Devices Program (ADP)

A program that offers eligible families financial supports for equipment.


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