Speech-Language Pathology

Assesses communication skills, recommends strategies and offers supports to help children who are having difficulty with: clear speech, using words, expressing thoughts, understanding language, following directions, interacting with others, stuttering, voice, and/or early literacy

Through Pathways, SoundStart offers preschool speech and langugage support for children from birth through age 5

Our staff are trained in acoustics, anatomy, assessment, counseling, hearing disorders, language development and disorders, linguistics, neurology, neurophysiology, non-verbal communication, literacy, feeding and swallowing, parent training, caregiver education, psychology, phonetics, speech disorders, statistics, stuttering, voice, and voice disorders.


Speech-Language Pathologists:
Master’s Degree. - Must be registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario
Communicative Disorders Assistants:
Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate - Must be a member of the Communicative Disorders Assistants Association of Canada

Service Delivery

Parents and caregivers are important partners in all intervention approaches.
• individual therapy sessions (may be weekly or biweekly and may be in blocks of therapy)
• group therapy sessions (may be weekly or biweekly and may be in blocks of therapy)
• monitoring and parent consultation
• parent/caregiver training
• consultation
• home programming

Intervention strategies may relate to:
• feeding and swallowing
• social communication
• expressive and receptive language
• motor planning
• speech-sound production
• early literacy skills
• stuttering
• voice
• learning strategies


Speech Language services for preschool-aged children is offered through SoundStart.  Click here for more information.

Learn more here about Speech Language Developmental Milestones


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