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We’ve collected some tools and information for you as you monitor your child’s development. Reach out to Pathways if you have any concerns about your child’s development.

Looksee Checklist

The Looksee Checklist monitors a child’s development from 1 month to 6 years of age with tips to help them grow.

This is a free checklist for Ontario residents.

Early Years Check-In

Use this simple and convenient tool to quickly identify any concerns you may have about how your child is developing.

Early Childhood Indicators of Autism

You’ve heard a lot about autism, but may be wondering about the early signs of autism. If you observe multiple items on this list, it may mean that your child is developing differently. If you suspect your child is on the autism spectrum, consider talking to your family doctor or pediatrician about what you can do to learn about and support your child in growing their communication skills, fostering connections, and interacting with the world around them in a way that allows them to flourish and meet their potential.

Speech and Language Milestones

Communication skills develop over time as children interact with others and their world. Complete this checklist to mark your child’s progress as they learn to communicate and gain speech and language abilities. If children are not meeting one or more of these milestones, please contact SoundStart, the Lambton County Preschool Speech and Language Program through Pathways Health Centre for Children.