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What We Do:

The goal of the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) is to provide an engaging and supportive environment for young adults with special needs. Participants are encouraged to fully participate in the community, develop skills that foster independence, and experience healthy peer relationships. Participants are supported to join in activities that reflect their specific interests, goals and abilities such as volunteering, classes, community groups, and leisure activities. LLP participants are encouraged to “pay it forward” within our community.

This is a purchase service program and is not part of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services base funding. Tuition is paid by participants to support program costs.

Who We Are:

The dedicated team in the Lifelong Learning Program provide a supportive and engaging learning environment for participants each day.

Team members have experience and training to assist participants define their learning goals and create a variety of opportunities for growth and skill development.

Fostering independence, health/ wellness and building self-confidence are priorities embedded throughout the program.

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Who We Serve:

We serve young adults with special needs, aged 18- 35 years who have completed high school or are in their final year.

Our young adults should have the ability to participate with minimal support, be independent with self care, have a desire to socialize and be part of a group, and be motivated to participate and continue learning. The need to enjoy having fun is a bonus!

What We Provide:

Hours Of Service For Lifelong Learning Program

Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

  • Option of attending one or both days.
  • $80 per day tuition fee, includes lunch
  • Weekly group virtual sessions are also available via Zoom (additional fee)

What To Expect:

Guidance and support by our staff at a ratio of 5:1 with a variety of opportunities to learn and practice, life skills, social skills and leisure skills. Promotion of healthy lifestyle choices and aquatic fitness in our therapeutic pool. Participation in social enterprise projects, community outings and volunteer opportunities.



We are working hard to complete this section. Please come back and check later.


We are working hard to complete this section. Please come back and check later.

How To Register:

Contact the Lifelong Learning Program Supervisor Ext. 1278

You and/or your young adult will be sent a registration/assessment package to complete. Once complete, we will review the package and assesses eligibility for the program. We will then contact you/your young adult. A trial period may be required to ensure the program supports are suitable for everyone.

Once admission to the program is approved, a contract will be established for the services.