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Appointments and Cancellations

You have a big impact on your child’s development. Come to appointments with your child, learn with them and be your child’s best support. Together, we may work with other specialists and organizations to help your child. Your consent is needed before any assessment or service is arranged.

In the best interest of your child, your clinician and other children at Pathways, please cancel your child’s appointment as soon as possible if you or your child:

  • feels unwell
  • has a fever
  • has a rash or blisters
  • has a runny nose or weepy eyes
  • has excessive coughing or sneezing
  • has diarrhea or vomiting
  • has head lice

Can’t make your initial assessment appointment?

Please make sure you let us know in advance. If we don’t hear from you, a new referral will be required.

Oops…Missed an Appointment?

Mistakes happen! If you missed your appointment, call right away. Pathways wants to help children and families as quickly as possible. We need your cooperation and commitment. If there are two missed appointments without prior notice, a change to your child’s service plan may be necessary. A pattern of poor attendance may result in a change to the service we can provide for your child, or your child’s file may be closed.

Arriving on time

Being on time for appointments is important to get the most out of your services. If you arrive late, your appointment end time will not be adjusted.

We need to be in touch regularly while your child receives services.

If we are not able to reach you, your child’s file may be closed. A new referral will be required to start services again.

My First Visit

When you arrive for an appointment, please remember to use hand sanitizer. Check-in at reception when you arrive at the Pathways site. Your child’s clinician is notified that you are ready to start! If your appointment is not at Pathways, arrangements will be made with you for a meeting place. To support a safe and healthy environment, you must supervise your child at all times.

An assessment of your child’s abilities is completed by one or more clinicians. You remain with your child during the assessment as you have important information about your child. After the assessment, you and your child’s clinician(s) discuss what happened and decide on a plan. Later, you may receive a report that includes your child’s goals and service plan.

Parent Resource Guide

Resource Guide for Families

What We Provide:

During your time with Pathways, you and your child may participate in home programming, parent training, consultation with other providers, and individual or group therapy. These are all very important elements of service delivery. In every case, we take a team approach! The duration and frequency of service may change for many reasons, including:

  • a change in your child’s needs
  • a change in your family’s needs
  • service capacity
  • goals met

Services we provide:

Services are available in Sarnia-Lambton at:

  • Pathways
  • Community recreational facilities
  • EarlyOn Centres
    • Coronation EarlyON
    • Corunna EarlyON
    • Forest EarlyON
    • Petrolia EarlyON
    • Port Lambton EarlyON
  • Licensed childcare settings
  • Schools