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What is No Wrong Door

The intent of No Wrong Door is to make it easier for families living in Lambton County to connect with services needed by their children/youth aged birth to 21 years, enhancing the transition between supports. This is achieved by developing a system where service providers use a common form and process. In any instance where an organization first contacted by a family was not the appropriate service provider, with consent, the referral will then be quickly forwarded for an equally quick response by the appropriate organization.

No Wrong Door and SmartStart Hub Services

Initially funded as a project in 2013, No Wrong Door has continued to be a philosophy and process understood and supported by local partners, with revisions over the years. In 2022, it was announced that Children’s Treatment Centres across the province, including Pathways Health Centre for Children, were to establish SmartStart Hub services to connect families with child development services. SmartStart Hubs are an entry point to children’s special needs services that support the early identification of children’s and families’ strengths, goals and needs, and help children and families get the help they need sooner. It should be noted that SmartStart Hubs will not be the only way to access children’s services, nor do families have to go through the Hub to access other programs and services.

Recognizing the fit between Lambton’s No Wrong Door philosophy and processes, and the SmartStart Hubs directives, it was determined that a natural step for the community would be to undertake a review of No Wrong Door to update and align processes and resources. In 2023, a full review of the process was completed, engaging partners and updating all resource and reference materials, including SmartStart Hub information.


Resources for Community Partners

All resources and reference materials are found below and at EarlyON websites. Resources and reference materials are designed to assist Professionals in deciding where to refer for supports, assessment and/or treatment. These resources are not formal screenings or diagnostic tools. If it is unclear where to turn for help, encourage the family to connect with their Primary Care provider or SmartStart Hub services through Pathways.

Please forward edits and updates to with subject line: “No Wrong Door Early ID Reference Guide Updates”.

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Community Partner Orientation Video


Referral Form

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