Occupational Therapy

Assesses clients who are experiencing difficulties with daily activities and recommends, prescribes equipment and offers support to help clients be as independent as possible

Occupational Therapy services for young people (from birth to 19) who attend our Centre are provided as part of a team that includes families, day nursery and school staff, and other health and support service providers within the Centre and in the community. Occupational Therapists focus on:

  • assessment and intervention for the ability to participate in every day activities as independently as possible
  • consulting to parents, teachers and other people involved with the client on a daily basis on any of the following:
    • exercises that develop hand strength for colouring, printing, cutting and playing
    • ways to working on dressing skills at home
    • how to modify the classroom to reduce distractions
  • prescription of adaptive equipment such as
    • computer keyboards for written communication
    • cups, bowls and utensils for eating and drinking


Occupational Therapists:
Master’s Degree - Must be registered with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario
Therapist Assistants:
Postsecondary Diploma - All are under the supervision of a Physiotherapist and/or Occupational Therapist

Service Delivery

Parents and caregivers are important partners in all intervention approaches.
• individual therapy sessions (may be weekly or biweekly and may be in blocks of therapy)
• group therapy sessions (may be weekly or biweekly and may be in blocks of therapy)
• monitoring and parent consultation
• parent/caregiver training
• consultation
• home programming

Intervention strategies may relate to the development of:
• feeding and swallowing
• fine motor skills
• visual perceptual ability
• motor coordination
• sensory processing
• infant motor milestones
• self care skills
• independence in the home or community
• learning strategies

Learn more here about indicators on whether your child may need Occupational Therapy

Here are some video resources

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