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Trauma Informed Care 4 week Workshop, hosted at Pathways Health Centre for Children, dates are as follows: March 27 2024, April 3 2024, April 10 2024 and April 17 2024. 

This workshop is for parents and caregivers who have a neurodivergent or medically complexed child and have personally faced trauma in their child’s journey. This webinar will help provide clarity and support in the following areas:

Week 1: What is it?

In this module we will discuss what trauma is and how it can be perceived differently. We will discuss generational trauma, Big T and Little T trauma, complex trauma and PTSD. We will also learn about the impact of chronic stress on children and their families.

Week 2: How do we feel it?

Vicarious Trauma, Moral Injury and Compassion Fatigue are closely linked together, and while we may not experience trauma directly, we are impacted by it constantly. This module works to help us give space to our emotions and embrace the tough stuff.

Week 3: Attachment

Healthy attachment is critical to childhood development and a child’s ability to trust their people. This module will give parents an understanding of how to create attachments and build relationships even when it’s tough. We will also tackle how to repair relationships.

Week 4: Caring for self so you can care for others

This module centres on the importance of setting boundaries, asking for help, and showing yourself compassion amid difficult situations. We will learn practical skills that will help us have the energy we need when we need it.


No childcare is available for this workshop.